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Historical Weather Data

WeatherBank maintains hourly and daily historical data records from every National Weather Service reporting station in the United States, as well as other locations around the world. We currently archived weather data on a real-time basis and certain updates are made hourly. This hourly archiving began in late November, 1994.

We have combined this hourly database with daily records, which span the entire period of record. In some cases, we have data as far back as the mid- 1800's. We can provide you with packages of historical weather data from the last 10, 20, or 30 years, or just the last few years, whatever is required to meet your needs.

Since we manage this data in real-time, we also have the flexibility of manipulating the data. Our historical data has been edited for missing and spurious data by correlating the spurious records with data from adjacent locations, and by using climatological information. This assures you that your models and software will operate flawlessly.

Our historical database addresses some 20 different weather parameters, including recorded values of temperatures, precipitation, humidity, and cloud cover percentages. We can also provide many calculated variables, such as an average daily temperature, heating or cooling degree day values, or even specific and proprietary parameters unique to your company. And, our historical data can be delivered to you via Email, HTTP(browsers), FTP, XML, CD-ROM, floppy disk, and/or hard copy. We can provide the historical weather data in any format you require, including ASCII text, Microsoft® Excel and Access formats, and many other formats.

WeatherBank provides hourly reports of:

  • temperature
  • dew point
  • wet bulb
  • relative humidity
  • sky cover
  • wind direction
  • wind speed
  • and more!

WeatherBank provides daily records of:

  • daily high temperature
  • daily low temperature
  • average wind speed
  • average cloud cover
  • hours of sunshine
  • daily % of sunshine possible
  • heating degree day
  • cooling degree day
  • amount of precipitation
  • and more!

Daily records are available for the entire period of record for each station.

In addition to weather reports and climatic data, WeatherBank also archives satellite and radar images, which are available either as PCX or GIF files.

Historical Weather Data Example

View an example of WeatherBank's hourly Historical Data Report.

View an example of WeatherBank's Graphical Plotting Capabilities.

How To Order

Historical weather information, older than approximately two weeks, may be purchased for an additional cost by contacting one of our Customer Service Representatives.  WeatherBank's historical data are always affordable. Our data fees vary according to the amount of information you need, the type of file format you want, and whether there is any programming or data manipulation required on our part. 

However, as a subscriber to one of our Personal Weather Service, online accounts, you will always have access to historical weather data dating from the present to approximately two weeks in the past for all National Weather Service reporting stations and locations around the world.  Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for details on accessing this information with your personal online account.


To Become A Client Or To Learn More

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