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Energy Solutions

WeatherBank, Inc. has been supplying the Energy Industry with data, products and IT solutions since early 1972.

Determining an accurate energy load requires building the right load-predicting Model from historical records, properly training the Model to predict future trends, and finally, successfully predicting future loads with the Model and real-time weather information.

We've worked with technical teams in both the electric and the natural gas departments of some of the largest energy companies. They have relied on our expertise to recommend and implement new and innovative solutions for arriving at the most accurate load forecast.

We are currently generating forecasts composed of nearly 20 different weather parameters on an hourly basis out two years into the future. And we're doing this across all of North America on a grid size of one square kilometer. Whether your requirements are concerned with a single load location and one load model, or 100 load locations formatted for three different models all running simultaneously; we can easily meet your needs.

Weatherbank's clients in the Energy Industry include virtually every ISO, regulated, and unregulated company in operation today.

With services from WeatherBank, your staff will also have access to our staff via multiple, toll-free telephone lines, where they can discuss any aspect of any weather event - on a 24/7 basis. It's all part of our total care commitment to your company.