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Commercial Weather Products

A Custom Weather Web Site

Many Fortune 500 companies have come to understand the importance of incorporating weather and climate data into their operations. By incorporating the affects of weather and seasonal climate trends into your advertising and marketing campaigns, strategic planning programs, and inventory control systems - your company will produce greater operating efficiencies and larger net profits.

WeatherBank can create and maintain a custom weather web site that is ideally suited for the needs and requirements of your business.

We start by working with your staff to design a program around your company's unique, weather requirements. Our web sites are then individually designed and constructed to compliment the look of your company's web site or corporate marketing program. Your custom weather web site is hosted and maintained by WeatherBank on our network and can be altered or changed to accommodate various marketing campaigns, special projects, technical changes, or even changes in the seasons. Each web site is given a specific URL address that can be accessed only by your authorized users. 

Our forecasting products include our hourly forecasts generated for any number of days into the future - extending out as far as the next two years. More importantly, we provide our forecasts to your particular sales period, be it days, weeks, or months, and to any sales territory. This includes regions of the United States, individual States, counties, zip codes, DMA's or discrete points based on latitude and longitude.

Data and Product Transmission based on FTP, XML, or Email Data Delivery

If your business requires a more automated process to receive weather information instead of having to connect to the Internet through a browser for the weather products you need, let WeatherBank deliver the data to your network by our WeatherBrief®-FTP Service.

This Service may include our custom forecasts, historical weather data, hourly weather observations, high resolution NEXRAD Doppler Radar maps, and more. Employing FTP, we can either "push," or you can "pull," our products to your automated programs on your network. The transmission times, file formats and security measures are all prearranged and based upon what makes sense for your company, specific departments, or unique software requirements. We operate multiple and independent FTP servers on our network so you can rest easy knowing that the timely delivery of our products is never an issue. Or if you prefer, we'll arrange it so that you can retrieve the data electronically by Email. We can even help you create applications for your Intranet, web site, or other service through our WeatherBrief®-XML Service.

Some of the products available through WeatherBank's Commercial services include:

Custom Meteorological Consulting Products
NEXRAD Doppler Radar Images
Real-Time Lightning Data
Lightning Threat Maps
Fire Danger Maps
Local Storm Reports
Watch and Warnings Maps
Heating and Cooling Degree Day Maps
Energy Demand Forecast Maps
Satellite Images
Aviation Weather Products
Temperature Forecast Maps
Current Weather Reports
Weather Forecast Maps
Hurricane Tracking Maps
Custom Graphic Base Maps
Earthquake Maps
Local Weather Forecasts
Road Condition Maps
DOT Road Closure Maps
Forecast and Current Driving Hazard Maps
Current Interstate Weather Reports
Custom Driver Forecasts
Color Difax Maps

To Become A Client Or To Learn More

Our courteous and professional Customer Service Representatives are available to discuss your specific needs during normal business hours (Central Time). You may reach them by calling 1-800-687-3562 or send us an email. Your questions are always welcomed and appreciated, as your well-being is our only priority.