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Personal Weather Products

WeatherBank provides weather data and products on a personal level with access through three subscription plans. They include:

Our WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial Account offers over 40,000 weather products including our NEXRAD Doppler Radar, in both composite and high-resolution, Single Site formats.

Our composite NEXRAD Doppler Radar data are presented over base maps for the entire nation, any one of 7 regions of the U.S., and every state. Composite data has been gathered from each of the NEXRAD Radar sites (the exact number depends upon the size of the base map) and seasonally filtered for ground clutter and anomalous propagation by our meteorologists. These data have a resolution of approximately 1 kilometer and are best suited for most applications.

Our Single Site NEXRAD Doppler Radar data are presented on GIS base maps with pan and zoom capabilities, along with demographic data as overlays. These data have a resolution of approximately 1 kilometer and are best suited for the most demanding applications. Additional capabilities include our three, predictive applications for projecting storm morphology (Storm Predictor®), rain accumulation (Rain Predictor®), and the development of hail (Hail Predictor®). These applications extend out 60 minutes into the future. These proprietary applications were developed at NSSL and are currently being enhanced to extend the forecasts out several hours in time.

WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial Account - Available for $39.95/Month

The Commercial Account also provides every product available with the Unlimited and Standard Accounts, PLUS - the 1 kilometer Radar and the three, predictive applications mentioned above. This account is ideal for small business, government agencies, and serious individual weather enthusiasts.

WeatherBrief®-NET Unlimited Account - Available for $14.95/Month

The Unlimited Account includes our composite NEXRAD Doppler Radar maps, Lightning Threat Maps, Color Difax Charts, Text Data on Maps, Earthquake Maps, Watch and Warning Maps, and every product available with the Standard Account, mentioned below.

WeatherBrief®-NET Standard Account - Available for $4.95/Month

The Standard Account includes Current Weather Reports, Hurricane Tracking Maps, Satellite Images, Weather Forecast Maps, Temperature Forecast Maps, as well as National Weather Service Zone Forecasts. This account does not include access to our high-resolution, single site or composite NEXRAD Doppler Radar products.

WeatherBrief®-NET - At All Account Levels

Upon your initial enrollment, WeatherBank will debit one month's subscription fee from your credit card. Thereafter, on your monthly anniversary date, we will automatically renew your subscription by debiting your credit card with the appropriate, monthly subscription fee. For example, if you subscribe on January 15th to our WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial Account, your credit card will be charged $39.95 again, on February 15th.

To cancel your subscription at any level, you will need to provide us with a minimum of thirty (30) days prior notice. To do so, you may call us at 1-800-687-3562, or send us an email.

WeatherBank provides a unique compilation of weather products for you to choose from. This allows our customers to get all the personal weather information they need from one location. For more information, please visit our Personal Weather Services page.

Available Only with WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial Account

Single-Site, NEXRAD Doppler Radar Images

Available Only with either WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial or Unlimited Account

Composite, NEXRAD Doppler Radar Images
Lightning Threat Maps
Color Difax Maps
Text Data on Maps
Earthquake Maps
Watch and Warnings Maps

Lightning Threat Maps
Text Data on Maps

Products Available with a WeatherBrief®-NET Commercial, Unlimited, or Standard Account

Satellite Images
Weather Forecast Maps
Hurricane Tracking Maps
Current Weather Reports
Temperature Forecast Maps (but ONLY color-contoured maps with Standard Account)

To Become A Client Or To Learn More

Our courteous and professional Customer Service Representatives are available to discuss your specific needs during normal business hours (Central Time). You may reach them by calling 1-800-687-3562 or send us an email. Your questions are always welcomed and appreciated, as your well-being is our only priority.