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About Our Products

WeatherBank, Inc. provides weather risk services, data (including historical, real-time, and forecasted), and custom programming solutions for clients in all industries. We produce an exhaustive database of weather products that can benefit every professional, in every industry. We also produce sector- and client-specific, custom weather products to enhance your unique operations. Our staff, including Meteorologists, IT Professionals, and Graphic Artists, is available to support your needs on a 24/7/365 basis.



For your custom applications, we maintain exhaustive datasets of hourly and daily weather metrics that can easily be ingested into client-specific modeling routines.  These datasets can cover any period of time.  That is, they can be:

   + Historical in nature, going back the full period of record (50 years in many cases);

   + Observed datasets (real-time); and/or

   + Forecasted datasets (We are generating our forecasted datasets two years into the future.)

The datasets can be formatted in Excel, or as comma or tab delimited, and sent to you via FTP, XML, or HTTP.   We can easily investigate and determine which weather metrics will work best with your applications.  These products can be correlated to CMA, DMA, zip code, and/or Latitude/Longitude.

To see an example dataset format, click here.



Our product line includes high resolution, NEXRAD Doppler Radar data; composite images and predictive applications, direct GOES satellite images, real-time lightning displays and threat maps, hurricane tracking displays, the complete menu of National Weather Service forecast and aviation products, WeatherBank's custom weather graphics (including temperature, precipitation, watch and warning, visibility, high wind warnings, and extreme weather condition, to name a few), Isographic (DIFAX) charts, current highway conditions, and much more. We present our products in both text and easy-to-comprehend color graphic formats.

In graphic format, historic weather data, real-time observations, and forecasted information can be displayed over maps of the world, North America, the entire United States, regions of the U.S., and individual states. We routinely construct custom base maps for our clients to aid in pinpointing the location of weather impacts relative to their asset locations and areas of operation. These custom base maps can be as small as the county level or display any geographic area of interest.

In addition to being able to access WeatherBank's full compliment of text and graphic products online, WeatherBank's online, WEATHER RISK MANAGEMENT PROGRAM also offers state-of-the-art, high resolution NEXRAD Doppler Radar graphics and three, short-term, predictive applications. These applications include Storm Predictor®, Rain Predictor®, and Hail Predictor®.

WeatherBank's hourly forecasting products include short, medium and long-term forecasts of some 20 different weather parameters (such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, chance of precipitation, etc.), extending into the future as far as two (2) years. We forecast on a grid size of 1 square kilometer (about one-half a square mile) throughout all of North America.



WeatherBank also provides many specialized meteorological and environmental services. These include meteorological monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, instrumentation and calibration, environmental system audits, data reductions, and forensic weather studies for claims verification.

Our products and services are delivered over the Internet (browsers, File Transfer Protocols [FTP] and XML), a proprietary, and with a Windows®-based Software), digital facsimile, and other means.

Visit our section entitled Commercial Weather Products for product examples provided as part of our full compliment of services available to all business professionals.

If you are a small business whose needs are much less demanding, a state or local government agency, or an individual interested in having instant access to the latest local weather forecasts, severe storm watches, tornado warnings, high resolution NEXRAD Doppler Radar maps and more, please visit our Personal Weather Products section for product examples.