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Retail Solutions

In today's tough economic environment, it's not enough to operate as you did last year, or even last month.

In order to meet your company's financial objectives, you must operate more efficiently and capture greater market share. That means increasing your top and bottom lines by incorporating weather data, products, and forecasts into all facets of your operations.

Many companies have recognized the value of employing historical weather analyses, and current, near- and long-term weather forecasting services into their operations, and have implemented solutions provided by WeatherBank, Inc.

Most importantly, our solutions are independent of season or location and have provided real benefits to our clients at all times of the year and everywhere they have sales and operations, including:

•  Marketing Campaigns That Are Winners.  By knowing months in advance what the actual weather conditions will be provides your team the ability to schedule campaigns to reach their maximum value. With access to our historical weather database, we can also help your staff to gain full knowledge of how certain weather events could enhance or lessen the effectiveness of your campaign.

•  Better Inventory Management.  How many times have you had to slash prices to move unsold merchandise because extreme weather conditions changed the buying habits of your customers? Having the right amount of inventory in the right locations can mean the difference between strong sales and lackluster sales.

•  YTY Sales Period Comparisons.  Weather data comparisons to keep you better informed on how this year’s sales period related to the same period last year, or to any year.

•  Greater Operating Efficiencies.  Our 35 years in business guarantees that we have the right weather products and services to keep your staff well informed.

With services from WeatherBank, your personnel will also have access to our staff to discuss any aspect of any weather event or weather impact.  It's all part of our total care commitment to your company.