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WeatherBank's WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Service offers you the ability to receive some 40,000 unique graphic and text products - easily providing the most comprehensive, personal weather resource ever created.  The Service use as our proprietary, Windows®-compatible Software package and your broadband Internet connection.

Our Service provides access to the most accurate weather information right at your fingertips from any desktop PC and provides total flexibility in manipulating our products to fit your specific requirements.  Furthermore, our Software can easily operate, receive our products, and generate weather alert notifications - even while other software programs are running on your PC.

Products that are available with the WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Service include many NEXRAD Doppler Radar composites, lightning threat graphics, satellite images, "Text-Data-On-Map” products, custom products unique to your company, as well as every product from the Family of Services from the National Weather Service.

Our Real-Time Lightning data, custom base maps or industry-specific products can be added as optional products, and are provided at a small. additional cost.

Features and Benefits

All products are updated in real-time as new information is generated at our network and sent to you via an Internet connection. Our network is composed of many independent servers so you can rest easy knowing that the timely delivery of our products is never an issue.

Our unique WeatherBrief®-DIRECT Software allows you to create your own customized weather catalog from your choice of our 40,000 weather products for viewing or re-distribution. The option for multiple catalogs makes it easy to categorize a list of products that you view more frequently, such as daily, monthly, or seasonally - or by specific product groups, such as Radar Maps, Satellite Images or NWS Text Products.

The flexibility of using our Software also includes being able to view more than one product at a time in multiple windows with automatic updates, saving products to a folder for archive purposes or to be accessed by other user software programs, and/or printing products upon receipt. Our Software can also announce the receipt of certain products that are critical to your operations, such as local storm watch and warnings, with a human voice spoken through your PC's sound system. The Software also offers a "full screen" viewing application that displays selected products in a predefined, animated "movie loop" - either automatically or when activated manually. This feature allows the viewing of our products while a user is actively involved in other operations some distance from the PC.

One of the best features of our Software is its capability to be used on more than one PC or made available on a network. This allows all users the ability to receive product alert notifications and individually maintain their own catalog of weather products-even though your network may span several states.

It's a fact: Businesses in all economic sectors, radio and television stations, and government agencies have all come to rely on the importance of our unique DIRECT Software features that automatically notify their dispatch or operations group of any severe weather warnings or specific product updates with audible alarms, automatic printouts, and pop-up flash alerts.


System Requirements

The PC system requirements for maximum operation include:

Operating System

Our Software will operate with Windows® ME, Windows® XP, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows NT® 4.0.


Our Software requires a Pentium II® or comparable processor, although higher processors provide better performance.


A minimum of 256 MB of RAM is required to operate our Software, although more RAM provides better performance.

Hard Disk

A minimum of 150 MB of available hard-disk space is required by our Software, however, a larger hard disk provides greater storage capacity for archiving products.


A 256-color display, with a minimum resolution of 1,024 x 768 display and a 16 MB Video card (32 MB or higher is recommended for television re-broadcast) is the minimum requirements for our Software. The best video performance is obtained with a 128 MB graphics card, however.

To Become A Client Or To Learn More

Our courteous and professional Customer Service Representatives are available to discuss your specific needs during normal business hours (Central Time). You may reach them by calling 1-800-687-3562 or send us an email. Your questions are always welcomed and appreciated, as your well-being is our only priority.