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Transportation Solutions

WeatherBank provides reliable and accurate weather information to transportation industries across North America. We offer a variety of products and services to effectively plan your routes and optimize your operations. We have historical data sets for use in forensic studies and our real-time weather data can be accessed anywhere - including from the cab of your truck.

Our unique line of weather products and services will meet the needs of all your departments - from operations and dispatch, to safety, loss prevention, and your individual drivers.

WeatherBank offers:

  • - 24/7 Access to Road Conditions and Highway Closures;
  • - Custom Weather Forecasts and Products Designed Exclusively for Over The  
  •    Road Motor Carriers;
  • - Direct, Toll-Free Access to Meteorologists, Available at Any Time; and
  • - Unlimited Access to Historical Weather Records For Forensic Studies and
  •   claims verification.

Many of the most successful transportation and logistics companies use WeatherBank's products and services. The result is more on-time deliveries, satisfied drivers, fewer accidents and greater profit margins. WeatherBank's Services will benefit every area of your operations, including logistics, safety, and fuel management, just to name a few. Upon reviewing our products and services, you will soon understand why Weatherbank is the weather vendor of choice for the transportation industry.

With services from WeatherBank, your personnel will also have access to our staff via multiple, toll-free telephone lines, where they can discuss any aspect of any weather event - on a 24/7 basis. It's all part of our total care commitment to your company.